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From humble beginnings in 2006, we have grown into a confident, farmer-owned export coffee co-operative union with 8,200 members. We are from distinct, multi-ethnic communities stretching across the mountains of South-Western Uganda; from the fertile slopes of Bushenyi to the dramatic heights and sparkling crater lakes of Bunyaruguru. We speak different languages, but we share a common voice: working together as progressive, forward-thinking farmers to market our coffee and to improve our livelihoods.


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What We do

ACPCU LYD - Ankole Coffee Producers Cooperative Union Limited ACPCU what we do

We have a rich, proud heritage of growing coffee dating back to our forefathers. But we are now experiencing more extreme weather patterns and our growing populations are putting a strain on the land and natural resources. We are taking positive measures to adapt the way we farm: reducing soil erosion by building terraces and planting trees; boosting soil fertility with nitrogen-fixing plants, mulch, homemade compost and animal manure; and promoting biogas to reduce the need for cutting down trees for firewood for cooking.

  • Grading coffee beans.
  • Offering good quality coffee.
  • Packaging and transportation of coffee to FOB Mombasa.
  • Timely delivering of coffee to the buyer.
  • Processing and grading members' Coffee (Robusta & Arabic) for export.
  • Marketing member’s coffee.
  • Paying member’s coffee cash on delivery.
  • Farmers capacity building in good agronomical practices & Natural resource management.
  • Providing seedlings to the members.
  • Paying for their Audits both financial and certifications.
  • Bursaries to needy children in higher institutions.
  • Construction of community bridges, schools, Churches and community halls using Fair-trade premium.
  • Providing free medical checkups for members at ACPCU Clinic.
  • Timely supervision of all member societies in book keeping and management issues.
  • Ensuring organic and Fair-trade standards compliance of members’ coffee.
  • Capacity building of Cooperative leaders.
  • Payment of transport for the coffee delivered from societies.
  • Providing crop finance.


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Our Coffee

Ankole Coffee Producers Cooperative Union Limited ACPCU Natural Robusta

Natural Robusta

Our coffee comes from the South Western part of Uganda. Our farmers are passionate and committed to natural organic farming practices. Our main season is from May to September and Fly Crop is from December to January. Our shipment is from June to May.

Ankole Coffee Producers Cooperative Union Limited ACPCU Finest Robusta

Finest Robusta (Specialty)

Ankole's finest Robusta is carefully selected from farmers with full traceability and quality handling process. This coffee is grown in relatively high altitude between 1200-1900 Metres above sea level in the hills of Ankole. The coffee is selectively harvested, floated and well dried which makes it special.

Ankole Coffee Producers Cooperative Union Limited ACPCU Natural Robusta Cup profile

Natural Robusta
(Cup Profile)

Our premium Robusta coffee strikes harmonious taste of chocolate, caramel, has full body, roasted Almond with a rich chocolate Aroma, and pleasant balanced bitterness Aftertaste, a great selection for use in espresso blends.

Ankole Coffee Producers Cooperative Union Limited ACPCU Finest Robusta Cup Profile

Finest Specialty Robusta (Cup Profile)

Our coffee strikes harmonious taste of ripe berries and the cup keeps pleasant all the way; it contains high levels of sweetness. The Robusta coffees we offer have attained the highest level possible in cup score given the limitations of the species.

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