What We Do


We Provide the Best Coffee Services to the Community

We have a rich, proud heritage of growing coffee dating back to our forefathers. But we are now experiencing more extreme weather patterns and our growing populations are putting a strain on the land and natural resources. We are taking positive measures to adapt the way we farm: reducing soil erosion by building terraces and planting trees; boosting soil fertility with nitrogen-fixing plants, mulch, homemade compost and animal manure; and promoting biogas to reduce the need for cutting down trees for firewood for cooking.

Extension services

Empower a robust team to support farmers in implementing good agronomical practices for productivity enhancement and sustainable coffee quality improvement.

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Certifications and compliancy services

We ensure sustainable coffee production.

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Marketing members coffee

ACPCU, being a farmer-owned organization, we are committed to ensuring fairer value distribution along the coffee value chain.

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Capacity Building and organization development for members

We seek to nature and empower both human and institutional resources.

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Technical support on natural resource management to combat climate change

Implementing integrated approach to mitigate and adapt to climate change variabilities

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